Wednesday, 23 December 2009

My Thoughts About the Environment and the Planet We Live On

Students from 9th G class are expressing their thoughts about keeping the environment clean and our contribution to saving the planet we live on.

My thoughts about saving the planet
Have you ever thought what’d happen to Earth, our home planet, if keep polluting and destroying it? Do you think that we’ll survive in this condition in the future? Well I don’t think.

On one hand, Earth was a clean, peaceful place in the past so why don’t we keep it that way? Take for example the “green people”. In their everyday lives they do everything they can so that they can protect out planet from other people who destroy it and I do think that we should help them with it.

On the other hand, even the “green people” are not strong enough against big factories which pollute our air, water and food. They just waste the planet’s resources instead of using them for good. Moreover the fumes from the cars destroy the Ozone layer so and perfumes do so I think we can avoid this.

In my opinion, our planet is being destroyed with any minute passing but can stop this, can’t we? I really hope that we can change to saving our planet not destroying it.

Nikolay Atanasov, 9th G
The enviroment is the world around us-people, plants, nature, all living creatures on the planet. A world in which there are so many beautiful sceneries, which can be destroyed. Colourful nature, which everyone admires and enjoys-flowers and animals, rivers and lakes, seas and oceans, white sparkling ice-caps on the poles. This is our home-the only one. But if we ponder over the data from recent studies we’ll see the rapid climate change caused by global warming. Very soon we won’t be able to enjoy the Alps with their snow-white peaks, and polar bears on the North pole, and the walrus on the South pole-everything will disappear and become a distant memory.
Global warming is progressing with an unexpected pace. Average temperatures are increasing much faster than expected. Deserts expand and glaciers melt. This is not a mirage, but it is a horrifying truth that threatens all humanity. Very soon there will be no winter with fluffy white snowflakes. There will be no snowmen in the yards. Everything will become dry and sandy and our earth will turn into one big desert. Sun will not pleasantly warm, but it will burns. How much time is needed for this to happen? Maybe five, ten or twenty years. Depends on us if it will happen, but even more – it will not happen ever.
Climate change will affect us humankind. When the sea level rises due to melting ice many exotic places around the world will disappear with a lot of living species. Yes, it is likely to happen if we do not change our lifestyle.
What can we do? The most important is not to destroy nature,but to preserve and maintain it, as we stop logging forests. Christmas is coming. Rather than cut one tree, let's leave it planted. It will purify the air we breathe. And we will help nature although with one small gesture. If everyone does it, how many trees will be saved- hundreds, maybe even thousands. This is one of the brightest Christian holidays. Let us be good, let us make a gesture to nature, and she will thank us. How? By cleaning the air we breathe, cleansing it from carbon dioxide released from cars. Yes, convenient, fast and easy it is to go to work with your car, but what happens in nature? And why not walk on foot or ride a bicycle? We ourselves can help save our planet.
This is our world in which we all want to live. It has room for us and for plants and animals, and for every living creature. Only we, the people, can protect it.
Global warming is here, but we must not allow this to happen. We must fight to overcome it, to do everything in our power, not to destroy the nature - to keep it beautiful and natural. Everything depends on us. We can and must help nature. Nature is our future and it is in our hands.
Let us all do something together, even just a little bit, about our nature.
Let us to save the world around us! All together! Because only together we will succeed!
Lorita Mladenova, 9th G

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