Tuesday, 22 December 2009

My Thoughts About the Environment and the Planet We Live On

Students from 9th A class are expressing their thoughts about keeping the environment clean and our contribution to saving the planet we live on.

Environmental Protection
Environmental protection is a priority for every country. Air, water, forests, soils are priceless treasure. Pollution even if only one element of the environment as part of a chain-reaction leads to distortion of balance in nature and environmental disaster. The forests are our lungs! Their logging leads to extinction of animal and planet species, reducing the flow of water sources and landslides. Rivers and watersheds must be disposed of this waste because this is the water we drink. Large producers who pollute the water, pay fines but it doesn’t help. Nobody likes to breathe polluted air, soil- poisoned by toxic where grow fruits and vegetables.
Nature is what we get and will give the next generation!
“I want to be clean”- these words of the famous TV advertisement should become a way of life for everyone.

Let’s do something until it’s too late!
Keep our Planet!

Nadya Hristova, 9th A

A Walk To Remember
Victoria Vasileva, 9th A

Water pollution-a really worrying problem
Water has a really important significance.Life on the Earth is due to it and without water it could disappear.To prevent this happen utterly important is to keep the water pure.
But unfortunately,attitude of lots of people is neglecting.They throw their rubbish into the nearest river or lake instead of doing it into the places which are designed for this.
Nowadays pollution has increased and this is really worrying.Most of the people don’t understand that as they do harm to the nature and more especially to the water,they most do harm to themselves.Of course,there are sensible people who think of this ecological problem and stive for not punish the water.But they are not many.People who pollute the water are more and because of this fact solving this problem gets more and more difficult.
We mustn’t forget that we are part of the nature and water pollution is bad for us because out existence depends on it.So,don’t you think it is time to think of and stop polluting
the water ?
Desislava Atanasova, 9th A

Don't save the cheerleader, save the Earth
One of the biggest problems of our time is global warming. Most people avoid this problem and try not to think of it - there is nothing I can do about it, we usually think. Wrong.
There are simple rules we can easily follow and still help a lot.
1. Recycle. Did you know that if all the newspapers in the USA were recycled, we could save about 250 000 000 trees just for one year?
2. Use only the water you need. Singing in the shower sure's a lot of fun but it wastes gallons and gallons of water. Turn the faucet off when you don't need water to run.
3. Save energy. Unplug your unused appliances (your mobile phone charger, for example). Change your light bulbs to fluorescent light bulbs. They last longer and they use about 25 percent of the power other light bulbs use.
4. Plant a tree. It sounds strange but they say you haven't lived until you planted a tree. One single tree can produce about 120 kilos of oxygen per year and absorb one ton of carbon dioxide over the course of its life.
Simple, isn't it? We all know we should live for the moment but still, we can't ignore environmental problems. We should be responsible and preserve Planet Earth for the next generations.

Irina Stoilova, 9th A
The Ugly truth
By Denitsa Ljubenova
Nowadays people don't realise that they destroy the nature every day.There are thousands of species thet are extinct or endangered.The climate has changed,thousands of trees are being cut every day and there's so much polution from the factories. Yesterday,I read an article that said that by 2030,the sources of life on Earth will have vanished.There's a really good chance,that article says the truth.There's only one thing we could do-take care of the environment.Instead of cutting trees,we should plant them.After all,they're called "the lungs of the Earth".Instead of polluting the seas,we should keep them clean,because water is the most important source of life.It's really sad that people take it for granted.there's another theory,that water will vanish in about 50 years.The factories polute many sources of water like rivers and seas.Sad but true.So if the water really does vanish,we will die in a couple of days. People are also horrible killers.They hunt for animals for pleasure and kill them,to make expensive shoes,clothes and coats for the rich people.And the worst thing is that they don't realise how awful that is-animals suffer to please "humans".That really makes you wonder who the animal is. However,one of the biggest problems is the global warming.Over the last 10 years,the climate has changed so much,that the ice in Arctica and Antarctika began to melt.That's a serious problem,because if the ice really melt,it could overflow the earth.And this is caused by people's carelessness. I really hope,that people will change and start to take care of the environment,because we are part of it and we depend on it.If there's no environment,there will be no people.


Every day a lot of young people like me have lunch in fast food restaurants – cheeseburger, coca-cola and french fries. While we are eating this tempting food, we don’t suspect that the meal goes in side-dish with double portion global consequences.
In the last 4 years price of wheat and corn got treble and price of rise raised five times, which provoked hungry riots in over 20 countries and pushed aside more 75 million people under the borderline of the poverty. Said with simple words – in the bigger part of the last decade the world consumes more food than it produces.
And this is only one part of the plenty unsolved ecological problems. Scientists try to solve the nutritious crisis by new artificial fertilizers, pesticides and “miraculous” sorts of corn. This remind us for the green revolution.
In 1943 during the mass hunger in Bengal 4 million people died. During the next 20 years India was carrying in million tones of corn to feed its people. Then came the green revolution. In 1970 farmers managed to increase the production nearly three times, without more efforts than the usual. “We had a big problem with store of the overstock – says 83-year-old Gurcharan Sinh Kalkat, an eyewitness of the green revolution. – School years finished a month earlier to succeed in storing the overstock in schools.”
However, today the miracle of the green revolution is over : from the middle of the 90s until now the crop practical have stopped raising. Too much irrigation on places have led to vastly reduction of the level of underground water, sucked out of 1,3 million wells, and salt and ground turned into swamp have ruined thousand hectares fat land.
Four decades intensity irrigating, fertilizing and cultivate with pesticides didn’t have a good effect on clay grey soil in Penjab – and in some other cases it influences on people. “The water is not good. It’s poisoned, it’s infected. In spite of this people drink it.” – says Djansir Sinh, an elder of farming village Bhutivala where live about 6000 people.
It’s expected that the world population will reach 9 milliard people by the middle of the century and experts say that we will need a new miracle which should redouble the production of food till 2030. In other words – we need a new green revolution. In a double shorter term.

Velislava Sybeva, 9th A

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